Integration of a Hootsy Conversation is very similar to Facebook Messenger, Slack, and others. Basically, if your bot integrates with Facebook Messenger, we want it to easily integrate with Hootsy.

Getting Started

There are two integration approaches:

  1. Dialogflow integration where Hootsy hosts the message relay code between the assistant and your agent.
  2. Custom integration where you define a webhook to your message relay code.

Dialogflow Integration

In Dialogflow, build the conversation as you normally would. For adding Image, Card, or Quick reply responses, you can use the Facebook messenger format in Dialogflow. For adding other custom payloads such as defining additional models or triggering animations, set ‘hootsy’ as the message type as seen below with payload set as described in the Conversations API.

"hootsy": {
"attachment": {
"type": "model",
"payload": {}

Custom Integration

Custom integration allows conversations to be created in any service of your choosing like Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, etc.. Custom integration allows you to perform additional actions before responding to a request.

Custom integration is currently in private beta. For access, please contact us at info@hootsy.com.